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Digital Payments Helping Change Healthcare Around the World

Digital Payments Helping Change Healthcare Around the WorldWhen aid goes to someone in need halfway around the world, how does one know if the payment truly got there? This is a concern to many not-for profit organizations providing aid worldwide. According to The Guardian, in the past public health schemes relied, “heavily on cash: to make payments for medical services, to pay health workers, to buy drugs at pharmacies. Yet it is becoming increasingly apparent that digital payments in rural, remote areas settings are quicker, easier, and safer.”

As the report notes, the chance of fraud taking place is significantly reduced merely by virtue of money being passed through fewer hands. Best of all, by cutting out all the middle-men, the cost of actually getting that money to where it is needed is simultaneously reduced.

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Wearable Tech Popular, Despite Persistent Concerns

Wearable Tech Popular, Despite Persistent ConcernsYear after year new technology is created or embellished to benefit many areas of everyday life. The latest — and hottest — tech trend clearly involves wearable devices.

According to PwC, twenty percent of American adults “already own a wearable device and the adoption rate – on par with tablets in 2012 – is quickly expected to rise.”

That was the assessment published in PwC’s new Consumer Intelligence Series – The Wearable Future report”.

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How to Repair your Mobile Marketing Piggy Bank

How to Repair your Mobile Marketing Piggy BankMobile has been a revolutionary game changer in the world of marketing, helping to generate more income and attention for businesses of all sizes. However, Brett Relander, a digital marketing consultant and the founder of Launch & Hustle,  says: “For every success story, there are tales of companies generating an average to downright disappointing response to their mobile marketing campaigns.”

Having specialized in mobile marketing and social media, Relander offers suggestions to help fix the negative and turn it to a positive. One of the biggest issues is “Not optimizing your website for mobile traffic.” Don’t you hate it when you load a web page on your phone and you only have partial access? Another issue, advertising in the “wrong places” has caused some heartache as well. “These channels should be used for branding purposes.” In other words, keep it simple and about your organization, keep them focused on you.

Relander provides even more good ideas to help increase your mobile marketing revenue.

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Tumblr Tries to Spin Yahoo’s Advertisement Revenue Right ‘Round!

Tumblr Tries to Spin Yahoo’s Advertisement Revenue Right ‘Round!So today, I rode a roller coaster where you’re in a mine car and you ride backwards. That’s probably how Yahoo wishes they were feeling right now, at least with their revenue from online advertisements. There is still hope for Yahoo however. Their blog platform, Tumblr, has gained much popularity, and is attempting to bring an increase in business ad revenues.

How much popularity has Tumblr gained? According to eMarketer, “Tumblr continues to gain popularity in the US, with the number of users increasing 46.2% in 2013, totaling 13.7 million internet users.” They predict that,” the Yahoo-owned social blogging platform will increase by nearly another 25% in 2014, according to our estimates, totaling more than 17.1 million internet users this year.”

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Amazon Fire Smart Phone: Friend For the Shopper and Marketer!

Amazon Fire Smart Phone Friend For the  Shopper and MarketerAmazon, everyone’s favorite book selling, drone-delivering company, has come out with their own smart phone.  As an announcement in June from Adweek stated: “Amazon today unveiled its highly anticipated smart phone—dubbed Amazon Fire Phone—that will give the e-commerce giant yet another piece of ammunition against retailers in its goal to own online shopping through showrooming and price comparisons.”

With powerhouse mobile devices like the iPhone already in high popularity, how will the Amazon Fire catch up? Amazon Fire, first off, will have its own individualized programs. Adweek elaborates by quoting Carl Howe, VP of data sciences at Yankee Group: “Can you imagine a phone where every single service you have is not Gmail, it’s not Google Maps, but it’s one where it’s Amazon Maps and Amazon Calendar?”

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Social Media’s Trustworthiness Found Extremely Lacking

Social Media’s Trustworthiness Found Extremely LackingHaving been raised an Eagle Scout I follow the Scout Law daily. It starts out with  “A Scout is trustworthy.” If only social media could learn the same. The concern of one’s privacy on social media keeps increasing all the time.

In today’s society, social media, like Facebook, has become an everyday tool for many people. According to eMarketer, “The US social network audience is big—172.6 million people in 2014, or 54% of the population and 68.6% of internet users. Based on June 2014 research by Harris Interactive for WP Engine, many of those users are likely worried about privacy on such platforms.”

What is there to worry about? Hackers are a big concern,  as no one likes having their personal information stolen or compromised.  The other big worry is stalkers, Internet predators, or Internet bullies which sadly is becoming more and more the norm of today.

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PayPal May Join Online Gambling World

PayPal May Join Online Gambling WorldGuess what, folks? There might be a new addition to the online casino world in the US. That new addition would be none other than, the payment site you eBayers know and love, PayPal.

According to, the online gambling market has been trying to get this powerhouse payment site to join on for a while. This very well may be a reality as Online Poker Report’s author Chris Grove tweeted, “Sources tell OPR that PayPal will start processing regulated US online #gambling payments in coming months. Handful of operators to start.”

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