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The Rise of the ‘Mobile Strategist’

A jigsaw of the words Plan and StrategyIt’s a new job title that may soon find its way to the posted job openings at your company (if it hasn’t already been advertised and filled).

We’re referring to the “mobile strategist” — a key team member who will help keep a mobile-first strategy moving forward in one or multiple aspects of your business.

“As mobile becomes ubiquitous in today’s enterprise – via apps, BYOD and the Internet of Things – 75 percent of companies have created roles to unify, manage and deploy mobile strategy across the organization,” reads a new report summary from Kinvey.
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Infographic: Paid Search for the Mobile Era

Infographic Paid Search for the Mobile EraNew data from Invoca, a call intelligence company, highlights what online marketers are missing out on by focusing solely on PPC marketing.

Invoca has found that businesses receive nearly 34 billion inbound calls per year from mobile search. These calls are highly prized by sales teams and preferred over Web leads as they are closer to the sales funnel. It goes without saying, consumers who search on phones and then call the company are really motivated buyers.

The comprehensive report and corresponding visual may be able to help marketers “cross the PPC chasm from forms to phone calls.” To learn more, check out the visual below.

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X Marks The Spot: DataXoom Brings Some New to BYOD

DataXoomDataXoom, a provider of mobile data services for businesses, is busy touting it’s latest offering: mobile data plans that will allow customers to share data across a company-wide BYOD environment.

DataXoom says it is the first wireless provider to allow enterprise customers to “experience the benefits of a BYOD environment, while realizing the cost savings and data pooling advantages that have previously only been available to large, centralized corporate-owned and sponsored accounts.”

According to an announcement from the company, mobile data consumption is ballooning at a rapid pace. But the mobile apps driving this growth are no longer considered a strategic advantage. Instead, they are now seen as a “requirement for businesses to remain competitive in their field.”
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Twitter Will Soon Begin Processing Payments

Twitter Will Soon Begin Processing PaymentsTwitter is still one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, but the competition is fierce. For this reason Twitter is actively searching for ways to stay relevant, and ways to further monetize their microblogging platform.

In a recent announcement chronicled by MCD, a Twitter executive shared that part of their 2015 strategy will be to begin processing mobile payments. However, Twitter’s goal is not to create a mobile payment platform but to allow a new advertising option for movie theaters and concert venues to sell tickets.

The software is still in its testing phase and the rollout date for the “Buy Button” that will allow Twitter users to purchase movie and concert tickets through Twitter has not yet been determined. But it’s coming.

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NBCUniversal Launches New Ad Buying Tool

NBCUniversal Launches New Ad Buying ToolTV ad space is a substantial investment, and although it is most often purchased by brands with lofty advertising budget, buyers still invest much time into deciding where their TV commercials should be placed.

While understanding the demographics of the television show or movie being played helps when selecting placement, there is much room for more detailed analytics. It is for this reason that NBCUniversal has launched their new Audience Targeting Platform.

According to a report from Variety, this new tool will collect data from set-top boxes to identify the best advertising categories for both cable and television networks.

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YouGov survey: Mobile Operators Better Get to Work

YouGov Survey Mobile Operators Better Get to WorkOn Monday morning, MMW was privy to the findings of a new YouGov survey revealing that up to 74% of consumers would “potentially leave their current mobile operator” for better cellular coverage at work.

In short, the coverage at work is poor, coverage elsewhere will likely be sought.

The YouGov research commissioned by SpiderCloud Wireless indicates that consumers are sending a strong message to mobile operators that cellular coverage is as important at work as it is as home.
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Globo Solo No More: Integration with Cisco ISE Announced

Globo Solo No More Integration with Cisco ISE AnnouncedGlobo Plc, a worldwide provider of enterprise mobility solutions and Software-as-a-Service, announced ahead of the weekend integration with Cisco Identity Services Engine  — or ISE.

Cisco ISE is a security policy management platform that unifies and automates secure access control to “enforce role-based access to networks and network resources; which in turn enables a simplified enterprise mobility experience.”

The goal of the endeavor? Together, the partners say, Cisco ISE and the GO!Enterprise EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) “provide necessary insights into the posture of mobile devices such that IT can enforce appropriate network access policies.”
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