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Google VP Warns: ‘It’s Time to Actually Print Digital Photos, Documents, Correspondence’

Google VP Warns ‘It's Time to Actually Print Digital Photos, Documents, CorrespondenceCall me prescient or just the ever-pessimist, but I was telling people this for some time: let’s get that digital stuff on paper.

How old fashioned! But here’s the thing. Few send you a photograph of their new babies anymore, or an actual bona fide letter with a stamp on the envelope. They post the stuff to Facebook and call it good enough.

But what happens when technology (and other things) change, making access to digital images and information inaccessible?

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More Blowback Against the Broadband Bandits: FTC Asks Court To Allow ‘Throttling Lawsuit’ to Proceed Against AT&T

More Blowback Against the Broadband Bandits: FTC Asks Court To Allow "Throttling Lawsuit" to Proceed Against AT&TThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is requesting that a federal judge uphold the agency’s authority to bring an enforcement action against AT&T for allegedly “slowing down the broadband connections of some unlimited data users.”

In sum, the FTC is asking U.S. District Court Judge Edward Chen to reject AT&T’s claim that it’s a “common carrier,” and not subject to FTC jurisdiction.

“The Communications Act … unambiguously states that an entity may be treated as a common carrier only to the extent that it provides a common carrier service,” the FTC adds. “Mobile data is not a common carrier service,” notes MediaPost in a recent story.

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Native Ad Guidelines Enter the Global Spotlight

nativeadvertisingAs mobileStorm‘s Digital Marketing Blog recently covered in ample detail, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK) has just released what it’s calling new guidelines that outline “good practice” in relation to the disclosure of advertising and marketing communications for native distribution formats online.

So far, the IAB has dropped part one of the guidelines, which are designed to help the marketing industry provide more transparency to consumers around ‘native’ advertising.

“The guidelines provide advertisers, publishers, agencies and advertising technology companies with clear and practical steps to make it easier for consumers to spot native advertising – digital ad formats designed to look and feel like editorial content,” the IAB UK said in a news release.
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mPulse Mobile CEO: Marketers ‘Have to Understand PHI Guidelines to be Successful’

mPulse Mobile CEO Marketers 'Have to Ubderstand PHI Guidelines to be Successful'“The US healthcare system is in the midst of a large-scale transformation. With mandates from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare) and other pressures, the industry is facing demographic, regulatory and financial challenges. It is under pressure to reduce costs, find better ways to keep patients healthy, and treat illnesses more efficiently.”

That statement opens a just published report from eMarketer entitled “Health: More Than Just Wearables; What Marketers Need to Know About Digitally Enabled Care.”

It’s an eye-opener — or should be, for many, regardless of whether they are the purveyors of new technologies or consumers of them.

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What’s Up? Mobile Spam on WhatsApp

What's Up Mobile Spam on WhatsAppThe unnerving trend of mobile spam proliferation has found its way to WhatsApp in no short supply.

The latest research from AdaptiveMobile shows an alarming rate of spam targeting the hugely popular mobile messaging platform, particularly across Europe and India.

In effect, the spam explosion comes as the latest evidence of spammers moving away from SMS to concentrate on OTT (Over-The-Top) messaging platforms.
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T-Mobile Topples Recent SMS Spam Distribution

T-Mobile Topples Recent SMS Spam DistributionIn recent days, an unknown number of T-Mobile customers made noise across social media and on various online message boards about the sudden influx of spam text messages hitting their mobile devices.

The carrier, we’re happy to report, has managed to identify the source of the problem and stop it in its tracks.

The problem seemed to rear its ugly head towards the end of last month, and over the past couple of weeks. There are several entries on T-Mobile support pages explaining the issue, with multiple commenters suffering. If you have been receiving more Spam recently, be assured, you are not the only one.

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Appeals Court Gives Go-Ahead to Text-Spam Case Against Path Messaging Service

Appeals Court Gives Go-Ahead to Text-Spam Case Against Path Messaging ServiceThe gavel has come down on mobile social network company Path. The firm will not be able to appeal the decision giving the go-ahead to a consumer’s class-action lawsuit regarding unwanted text messages.

The Illinois 7th Circuit Court of Appeals recently made the ruling against Path, a popular messaging service for Android, which reportedly sent bulk SMS messages to some users’ entire phone books, asking contacts to sign up or relaying “notifications.”

It’s not the first time this issue has reared its ugly head. A simply Google search shows a raft of commentary on the Path methodology. Here’s one, posted at Phandroid more than a year ago: “Word began spreading a few days ago after Path seemingly wigged out on a few users, sending mass SMS messages to everyone in their phone book — ex girlfriends, tire shops, grandmas, etc. — notifying them that the sender had “photos” for them waiting on Path. Not the kind of thing you would want sent to your buddy’s wife on a Friday night.”

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