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Best User Experience for Mobile: And The Award Goes To…

Best User Experience for Mobile And The Award Goes To...Winning an award like this can help put a company on the map. But, in this case, being on the map was already achieved.

This week, SocialNightlife – a global social community for nightlife fans and professionals – announced it was honored with the prestigious award for “Best User Experience for Mobile” after competing with industry leaders and influencers at the 7th Annual Mobile Excellence Awards.

Those behind the initiative say SocialNightlife is a community-driven solution that “allows you to discover and connect with the nightlife and music festival scene around you.”
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Super Bowl XLIX Brings Out Creative App Marketing

Super Bowl XLIX Brings Out Creative App MarketingThere’s nothing like the Super Bowl to bring out the utmost in marketing creativity.

Noolkol, a technology startup, has just launched  an “experimental marketing and branding strategy” for Super Bowl XLIX. The goal, we’re told, is to promote their mobile app.

Unlike big corporates, Noolkol says its ad will be aired on their website, and YouTube channel at the beginning of Super Bowl XLIX this Sunday. Viewers can watch it anytime during the game.
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What Do Developers Want to See in 2015? Cross-Device Marketing, Programmatic, Tablet Apps

What Do Developers Want to See in 2015 Cross-Device Marketing, Programmatic, Tablet AppsMillennial Media’s “State of the Apps 2015 Industry Snapshot,” a report that explores the future and current state of the app economy, makes it clear that developers and publishers aren’t going to slow down in the New Year.

“Through a survey of app developers and publishers worldwide, the report features insights into monetization and design trends, as well as developers’ goals and priorities for the coming year,” notes the mobile ad network.

The overwhelming theme of this year’s findings, according to independent mobile ad marketplace Millennial Media, is “that app developers and publishers are planning to take their apps further: designing for multiple operating systems and devices, making inventory available on programmatic channels, and increasing their development of tablet apps.”

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Has the Time Come for Touting Apps on the Telly?

Touting Apps on the Telly Quaid Media Wants to Promote App Sales on TelevisionIs TV a good place to market apps?

Quaid Media thinks so. The firm, experienced in app advertising, just launched “Burst TV.” It’s an “all-in-one service that brings together the creative production of TV ads, media planning and buying, and proven tactics from the world of mobile user acquisition to create the first TV advertising package that’s specifically designed to drive up app installs.”

That “burst” in the gambit’s moniker is there for a reason.

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Airpush Guarantees $5 CPM During Q1 Developer Promo

Airpush Guarantees 5 CPM During Q1 Developer PromoIf you pour over the surveys and studies about goals for 2015, one thing is clear: the drive to monetize is intense.

Developers need real results from their mobile campaigns and app promotions and they’re searching for the best platforms and technologies to get them where they need to go.

That’s why a host of developers are taken with the new offer being made by Airpush, a mobile advertising solutions firm that gets big results more often than not (which in this industry is saying a lot).

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The Emerging Mobile Commerce Marketplace

The Emerging Mobile Commerce MarketplaceOnline shopping has continued to grow steadily over the last decade, but the emerging mobile commerce marketplace is just beginning to take off at supersonic speeds.

With mobile payment options, such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and PayPal exploding in popularity, a growing number of consumers are comfortably and confidently turning to mobile payment processing for day-to-day purchases. In a recent report (“Global M-Commerce Market 2015-2019”) the growth of mobile commerce over the next few years was exhaustively explored.

Currently, the mobile commerce marketplace is largest within the United States, yet the report estimates that the market will continue at a rapid pace to grow both in North America and around the globe. They estimate that mobile will account for over 32% of all payments within the next 4 years.

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What’s Up? Mobile Spam on WhatsApp

What's Up Mobile Spam on WhatsAppThe unnerving trend of mobile spam proliferation has found its way to WhatsApp in no short supply.

The latest research from AdaptiveMobile shows an alarming rate of spam targeting the hugely popular mobile messaging platform, particularly across Europe and India.

In effect, the spam explosion comes as the latest evidence of spammers moving away from SMS to concentrate on OTT (Over-The-Top) messaging platforms.
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