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mobileStorm Has its Finger on the ‘mPulse’ of Cutting Edge Mobile, Healthcare Communications

mobileStorm Has its Finger on the ‘mPulse’ of  Cutting Edge Mobile, Healthcare CommunicationsOn Monday in Washington D.C., as the 2014 mHealth Summit commenced, mobileStorm Founder and CEO Jared Reitzin announced the launch of a newly-formed healthcare-focused spin-off called mPulse Mobile.

In an effort to address the new challenges and opportunities in healthcare communications, this mobile communications startup “will focus on helping health plans, hospitals, pharmacies, wellness companies and exchanges better engage their consumers and tackle some of the most expensive and complex challenges impacting the nation’s health.”

Reitzin, who will remain CEO of the respected and fast-growing mobileStorm, says he selected Christopher Nicholson to serve as Chief Executive Officer of the new organization.

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mobileStorm Publishes a New Guide to SMS Short Code Management

mobileStorm Publishes a New Guide to SMS Short Code ManagementThis week, mobileStorm – a 15-year veteran provider of mobile and email marketing services and technology – published its newest whitepaper.

For newcomers to the SMS arena, A Guide to SMS Short Code Management for Enterprise Level Businesses provides a comprehensive overview of the integral considerations that must be made when deciding whether a shared short code or a dedicated code is preferable for a given mobile strategy.

From an in-depth exploration of the pros and cons of dedicated and shared short codes, to a step-by-step guide to applying for and obtaining a short code, mobileStorm’s latest whitepaper is an invaluable resource for effective and sustainable SMS marketing in 2014 and beyond.

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PayPal Makes Bold Prediction… Will It Happen?

Don Kingsborough, head of retail at PayPal, says he fully expects PayPal to be in two million retail outlets by the end of 2013.

According to MobilePaymentsToday, it’s a bold prediction but one that may, indeed, manifest.

Today, PayPal partner Discover announced contracts with 50 merchant acquirers, extending in-store acceptance of PayPal to — you guessed it — more than 2 million merchant outlets by the end of 2013.

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ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend Report: 2D Codes Outpacing 1D, 400K UPC Scans Per Mo.

Mobile barcode powerhouse ScanLife has published it’s “mobile barcode Q2 2011 trend report” which details some impressive statistics on the growth of mobile barcodes in general and ScanLife as a provider.

The company says it’s now processing more than one scan per second, compared to just 10 scans per minute a year ago.  What’s impressive is the numbers coming out of North America, where mobile barcodes have never quite caught on like in Japan and Europe.  ScanLife estimates that roughly 45 million people in North America have a code scanning app on their device today.  This is largely attributed to the surge is smartphone ownership, which is adding to a rise in usage of more advanced mobile functionality across the board.

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Revenue From Virtual Goods 4X Higher Than Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising has long been sought to monetize mobile applications that are offered free to users, but a new study by analytics firm Flurry indicates a better option might be the addition of virtual goods.

According to the data, mobile virtual goods accounted for 80 percent of revenue from iOS apps in September, far outpacing advertising.  In fact, January, 2010 was the last month that advertising revenue was greater than virtual goods. Since then, it’s been nothing but micro-transactions of toys, coins, weapons and levels, just to name a few.  Flurry conducted the research using data from social networks and social gaming applications with a combined reach of 2.2 million daily active users.

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$1.8B To Be Spent On Location-Based Advertising In 2015

As LBS continues to flourish, location-based advertising has picked up major steam as well.  New data out from ABI Research suggests marketers will spend $1.8B on the medium in 2015, up substantially from the $42.8M expected for 2010.

While the concept has been around a while, marketers were unclear how to best leverage the technology.  As LBS apps continue to define advertising models and rewards programs based on location, options for marketers are becoming better defined as well.  “For a number of companies, especially ones with physical stores, the value in knowing a prospect’s location is the opportunity to drive that person to a store, and thus increase foot traffic,” said Neil Strother, research analyst at ABI Research, adding that the industry is now “seeing the first shoots” of location-based advertising being commercialized. “Once in store, the retailer has a high probability of converting that visit into a sale, which is the ultimate objective.”

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Juniper Forecast: Mobile App Downloads To Reach 25 Billion By 2015

A new report published today by Juniper Research suggests mobile app downloads will surpass 25 billion by 2015, up from just 2.6 billion in 2009.

According to the report, players across the mobile value chain are seeking to emulate Apple’s success with the App Store by launching their own branded storefronts, such as the ‘Mobile Market’ from China Unicom, ‘Airtel App Central’ from Bharti and the ‘Apps & Games Shop’ on Vodafone 360.  The transition to an app-centric environment has also benefited more established storefronts such as GetJar, which passed 1 billion downloads earlier this month.

Interestingly, the report noted that “freemium” was becoming the prevalent business model, with publishers increasingly offering applications free at point of sale and subsequently monetizing them via in-app billing of subscription-based services, upgrades to premium content or micropayments for virtual items.  Still, the report offered caution to those seeking app store launches, saying they’d need to demonstrate sufficient scale to be able to induce developers to provide them with unique content.

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