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#FollowFriday These Mobile Marketing Companies & Thought Leaders

Today we continue our #FollowFriday segment in which we follow the many excellent companies and individuals that make up the fast-paced mobile marketing and advertising industries.  If you have any suggestions for great companies or feel we’re leaving someone out, hit us up in the comments, tweet us at @mobileMW or shoot us an email at editor[at]

This week we continue focusing on individuals and companies within the mobile marketing and advertising industries who represent thought leadership.  These companies and individuals play an important role in the mobile segment through one capacity or another, so if you’re interested in learning more about what makes the mobile marketing industry tick — besides being a dedicated reader of MMW — do yourself a favor and follow the industry insiders and thought leaders we’ve compiled below.  Also, if you’d like us to feature you and/or your company, please add a comment below.  We’ll review the type of resources you publish and consider you in future posts.


Mobile Internet Content Coalition



Opera Software




Waterfall Mobile

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comScore: Samsung Top OEM, Android Top OS and SMS Most Popular Mobile Content

Digital measurement provider comScore today released its latest data from its “MobiLens” service which reports key trends in the U.S. mobile phone industry during the three month average period ending January 2011.

This particular study surveyed more than 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers and found Samsung to be the top handset manufacturer overall with 24.9 percent market share.  Coinciding with similar reports, Android took the lead among smartphone platforms with 31.2 percent market share, after only two short months in second place.  Not surprisingly, SMS remained the top mobile content in terms of overall usage for the three-month period with a 68.1 percent share.

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Mobile Healthcare (mHealth) News Roundup

New FDA Rule For mHealth Apps Help Streamline The Approval Process

One of the many roadblocks developers face when innovating in the mHealth space is the approval process for clearing new applications with the FDA.

A new rule that was recently introduced, however, aims to streamline that process for certain applications.  The new “Medical Device Data Systems” (MDDS) rule now exempts a portion of smartphone apps and wireless peripherals from the FDA’s pre-review requirements.  Put simply, the new MDDS rule applies to medical devices or software that only collects, stores or transfers patient data.  An example being an app that collects weight or other vital signs from plug-in peripherals and forwards that data to physicians.

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Millennial: iOS Ad Requests Jump 47% In January, Android Garners 54% Of Impressions

In its latest “Mobile Mix” Report for January, Millennial Media said that iOS outpaced all other mobile operating systems, experiencing a 47% increase in ad requests month-over-month.  Android, however, remains number one on Millennial’s network with a 54% share of total impressions.

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comScore: 63M Smartphone Owners In The US, Android Overtakes iOS In Subscriber Share

New data out from comScore suggests Google’s Android OS has overtaken Apple’s iOS for the first time in terms of U.S. smartphone subscriber share.

ComScore estimates there’s now roughly 63M smartphone subscribers in the U.S., up 7.3 percent from the preceding three month period.  Of which, RIM still leads the pack with 31.6 percent of total subscribers, with Android in the number two spot at 28.7 percent and Apple at number 3 with an even 25 percent.  Microsoft and Palm round out the top five at 8.4 percent and 3.7 percent respectively.

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Mobile Advertising Verticals Post Triple-Digit Growth For Q4, According To Millennial Media

Millennial Media today released its monthly S.M.A.R.T report for December with an emphasis on the massive growth being seen in mobile advertising verticals, many of which showing triple-digit growth year-over-year.

The top five verticals in Q4 2010 were telecommunications, retail & restaurants, entertainment, finance and automotive, with the latter showing an astonishing 623% growth year-over-year.  Equally impressive is growth posted by the retail & restaurants category and the entertainment vertical, with 572% and 274% year-over-year growth respectively.

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Mobile Healthcare (mHealth) News Roundup

Virtualization, EHR-Linked Devices, Mobile to Lead Healthcare IT in 2011

As we move into 2011, the Obama administration’s meaningful-use requirements governing health care IT and EHRs (electronic health records) will continue to influence how health care companies adopt technology to improve patient care.

In 2010, companies began to purchase EHR applications, but in the coming year health care companies will enter an adoption phase for EHR or EMR (electronic medical record) applications, predicts IDC in an upcoming report.  “While purchasing and selection will continue for many providers, early adopters will begin to struggle with the challenges of implementation and adoption of EMRs in 2011,” wrote IDC analysts Judy Hanover and Lynne A. Dunbrack.

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