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No, No, No Says Nokia to Mobile Comeback Rumors

No, No, No Says Nokia to Mobile Comeback RumorsLast week, citing knowledgeable sources in-the-know, media reports indicated that Nokia is ready to get back into the mobile game.

Re/Code even noted that mobile phones are just one part of Nokia’s comeback strategy, as they are working on several “ambitious technology projects.”

“They have a lot of great stuff in development,” Richard Kerris, a former Nokia executive is quoted by Re/Code. “It gave me complete confidence that Nokia is a company that is not going away.”
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Google About to Make its Most Important Mobile Acquisition in Years

Google About to Make its Most Important Mobile Acquisition in YearsRapidly shedding market share to the surging mobile ad players of our time, Google is eager to bolster the power and scope of its weakening mobile advertising empire.

While Google and its Admob platform remain firmly entrenched among the powerhouses of modern mobile advertising, there are cracks forming beneath the weight of new giants on the same landscape — Facebook, Yahoo, and an array of red-hot ad networks like Airpush that are delivering big results for advertisers and even bigger paydays for mobile app developers.

So what’s Google to do? According to published reports coming to light over the last 24 hours, Google may acquire InMobi, one of the biggest names in mobile advertising today.

“Google Inc. is in talks to buy Bangalore-based mobile advertising venture InMobi, a source with direct knowledge of the matter said, which could pave the way for what could be the U.S. company’s first deal in India’s busy start-up space,” Reuters later reported Wednesday.
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Apple Speeding Toward $50B in New Revenue?

Apple Speeding Toward 50B in New RevenueApple may be in the driver’s seat in the realm of global mobile technology, but could that same driver’s seat lead to Apple’s next big thing?

In recent days, rumors have swirled that Apple will soon enter the automotive market, as the company is believed to be lining up the tools and talent to roll out an electric car that could represent the most ambitious new product category ever created by Apple.

But is this rumor based on any reality whatsoever?
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What Will and Won’t Be at Apple’s Next Media Event

What Will and Won't Be at Apple's Next Media EventThe latest rumor across the tech blogosphere is that Apple will hold its next media event on February 24th.

But what will or won’t be unveiled at the event (assuming there is an event in the first place) is the subject of much discussion and debate.

Based on sources in the know, Apple will likely unveil a new MacBook Air featuring Intel Broadwell chips. Additionally, there is rampant speculation that Apple will debut an “iPad Pro” — a tablet optimized for enterprise users.
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BlackBerry Balks at Takeover Talks

BlackBerry Balks at Takeover TalksNot happening. No way. Flat out false.

Those are the utterances emerging both publicly and privately from folks at BlackBerry over the last 48 hours since rumors first emerged this week that Samsung is ready to pay more than $7 billion to acquire the mobile communications company.

After Reuters broke the news that sources in-the-know had proof of interest by Samsung in a major merger, BlackBerry was forced to quickly respond. And what did the Canadian smartphone maker say? A spokesperson has gone on record across various media outlets to largely debunk the rumor.
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Will Apple Restrict Mobile Advertising on Apple Watch?

Will Apple Block Mobile Advertising on Apple WatchWithin minutes of the grand unveiling of Apple Watch last fall, speculation mounted that the greatest new platform for mobile marketing was upon us.

And while we are likely still at least a few months away from Apple Watch going live, no shortage of leading mobile ad exchanges and platforms are gearing up for the opportunities afforded by Apple Watch.

But will Apple Play ball? That’s the burning question of the hour — and one that is being asked more than usual this week following an announcement from TapSense Monday that its plans for Apple Watch may not materialize as expected.
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EU Banks Ready to Roll Out Apple Pay?

EU Banks Ready to Roll Out Apple PayIn the short time it has been available, Apple’s upstart mobile payments platform has been gaining popularity across the U.S. But soon, Apple Pay could make its way across the pond and into some of Europe’s leading financial institutions.

According to the U.K. Telegraph, Apple Pay will likely launch on European soil in 2015.

“Apple has been encouraged enough to press ahead with plans to roll the system out across the world,” Monday’s report divulges.
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