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Locaid Webinar to Offer Valuable Insight on Location-Based Mobile Marketing

Locaid-Logo-Locaid Webinar to Offer Valuable Insight on Location-Based Mobile MarketingNext Tuesday, Locaid – the world’s largest LaaS (Location-as-a-Service) company – will present a special webinar expected to deliver an abundance of insight into the potential of location-based mobile marketing.

On October 22nd, at 11:00 a.m. PST, Locaid will lead a thought-provoking discussion about the strategies and best practices associated with optimizing location-based mobile marketing to earn more and accelerate business growth.

The anticipated topics for discussion include the evolution of location-based marketing, the importance of an integrated mobile strategy, why leveraging location should be a primary targeting strategy, the best practices to optimize location-based marketing, how and when to leverage geofences to deliver results, and the importance of location + analytics.
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The Future of Geofencing and Online Gambling is Here

The Future of Geonfencing and Online Gambling is HeremGamingWatch reported Thursday that San Francisco-based Locaid has technology for smartphone users that allows it to verify their geographical location for those looking to gamble online in states where it is legal.  Locaid says that the locations are “spoof proof”.

On Tuesday, Locaid announced that it applied to become a licensed services provider of “geolocation and compliance technology” in Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey.  Locaid chief executive officer, Rip Gerber, told VentureBeat that Locaid is the only company licensed to provide geofencing and geolocation data for mobile online gambling providers in Nevada.

The ability for online gambling sites to accurately verify a player’s location is vital to their business.  If a player cannot gamble in their current location, but it is not verified, the online gambling site will lose credibility with regulators and could see their costs increase.

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Is Your Mobile Marketing Putting On Enough LBS?

The following is a guest contribution by Rip Gerber, Founder, President & CEO of Locaid.

The biggest consumer brands are fattening up their marketing budgets and adding LBS. Not pounds, but Location–Based Services (LBS). The possibilities for LBS go way beyond check-ins and store finders. Location is becoming an integral driver of any mobile campaign.

Why? Location-based advertising lifts response rates with relevancy. That’s why the mobile ad networks are boasting 5x lifts in CPMs when a lat/long turns a campaign into high click-through rates. Expect to pay hefty premiums for location-based ads over the next three years.

Should you pay to play in LBS?

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Twitter Rumored to Be Planning New Photo Sharing Service

Fresh from its acquisition of TweetDeck, Twitter apparently has another surprise in its social media bag of tricks.

In the microblogging platform’s ongoing effort to regain some of the market share lost to competing third-party Twitter platforms, the company is believed to be planning a new integrated photo-sharing service to take on the likes of Twitpic, Flickr, and others.

Sources speaking with TechCrunch reveal that Twitter could announce the service as early as this week. As a result, all eyes are now turning to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, who is set to speak tomorrow at the D9 conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

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Location-Based Media Company “Where, Inc.” Awarded Patent For Geofencing Technology

Where, Inc., an LBS startup that has a few mobile apps already available, has been awarded a patent for its unique geofencing technology.

Patent number 7,848,765 was issued on Dec. 7th, more than five years after it was originally filed in May of 2005.  It details the company’s method and systems for “geofencing and the associated delivery of applications, content and mobile coupons.”  In relation to how the technology works for Where, the language in the patent describes it as:

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