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Be Animated: There’s an App for That

Be Animated There’s an App for That“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” wrote William Shakespeare in the opening lines of “As You Like It.”

Old Will never imagined (we think) how the “digital stage” would transform our acting gigs. Yes, you are who you are. But you might also be a space cat or candy corn kid.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be following the Nito dictum: “Be animated.”

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Incentivizing Mobile Ads is All Fun and Games

Incentivizing Mobile Ads is All Fun and GamesWant to incentivize your mobile ads? If so, you’d better be looking in the direction of mobile games because those are the best places to add some incentives to your ads.

Since the birth of iOS and Android, mobile-focused start-ups such as Kiip, SessionM and others have been profitable by way of their creation of an advertising model built on incentivizing consumers with game credits, points on credit cards, or brand samples in exchange for consuming mobile ads or brand content.

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Infographic: Smartphones Making Shoppers Smarter

Infographic Smartphones Making Shoppers SmarterA new report from IDC clearly and compellingly illustrates how smartphones are making shoppers smarter.

From in-store product research to procuring mobile coupons, the connected-consumer is a savvy consumer.

One in five smartphone owners surveyed, for example, reveals that they actually purchased a product from a competing business while shopping in a retail store this past holiday season.
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Mobile Games: The Ultimate Gateway for Mobile Advertising

With mobile games responsible for some of the highest rates of user engagement seen in the mobile world today, it’s no surprise that advertisers are growing fond of in-app ads and a host of other mobile advertising tactics optimized for the mobile gamer’s smartphone screen.

Mobile games are on the minds of many mobile advertisers this week thanks to App Annie and the IDC.

A special new issue of the App Annie & IDC Future of Mobile Gaming Report for E3 charts the worldwide mobile and portable gaming installed base, as well as revenue by business model, average revenue per user (ARPU) and top grossing genres and countries for gaming-optimized handhelds, iOS and Google Play.

The data shows that the installed base of mobile and portable gaming devices is expected to grow 55 percent over the next 18 months, to more than 1.2 billion.

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New Jersey Officials Say Online Gambling Plans in Full Swing

Atlantic City’s casinos are moving with haste to secure partners for their online gambling operations. And the hustle and bustle are for good reason. The state Gaming Enforcement Division has informed the casinos of a June 30th deadline. The New Jersey-based casinos have until then to facilitate Internet gambling deals.

With Internet gambling expected to go live in November, the deadline was established to give state regulators ample time to explore, study, and examine the qualifications and backgrounds of the firms with which  the casinos will partner.

So far, we know that the four prominent Atlantic City casinos (Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, the Showboat Casino Hotel and Bally’s Atlantic City) are partnering with 888 Holdings.

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mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin to Speak at EDMbiz

It’s an observation made with surprising frequency across the recording industry today: DJs are the new rock stars of modern music.

Electronic dance music – or EDM – is enjoying unprecedented popularity in the United States, particularly among younger music lovers and concert goers. And although electronic artists aren’t seen with regularity on the mainstream charts, don’t be fooled.

According to SF Weekly’s Ian Port, top acts on the EDM scene today can earn between $75,000 to $100,000 per live show, leading to the growing phenomenon of DJs bringing home paydays comparable or superior to what today’s leading mainstream acts are earning.

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Mobile to Push Gaming Market to $86.1 Billion by 2016

Market researcher Newzoo issued a new prediction this week indicating that the global gaming market will reach $86.1 billion by 2016.

Helping to fuel the projected compound annual growth rate of 6.7 percent will be… no surprise… mobile.

As smartphones and tablets become bigger players in the gaming ecosystem, gamers will no longer be limited to their consoles for a quality gaming experience. In fact, the global community of gamers is poised to climb from 1.21 billion to 1.55 billion before the end of 2013.

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