MWC 2015: Google to Challenge Apple Pay

MWC 2015 Google to Challenge Apple PayGoogle made big news in Barcelona on Monday, as the Internet search giant looked to make waves right out of the gate at Mobile World Congress 2015.

Speaking to his company’s latest announced plans, Sundar Pichai says Android Pay is on the horizon and will serve as a mobile payments offering to challenge Apple Pay, the hugely popular mobile money platform launched by the iDevice maker last year.

But can Android Pay make up for the epic failure of Google Wallet?
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Tim Cook: Apple Watch May Replace Your Car Keys

Tim Cook Apple Watch May Replace Your Car KeysNext week, Apple is expected to provide one final mega-push for Apple Watch before the eagerly awaited wearable ships next month.

But ahead of the weekend, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke with reporters in London about the myriad of uses that Apple Watch may ultimately have beyond the most familiar or anticipated.

According to Cook, Apple Watch’s potential is practically unlimited and could halt the existence of many staples in the modern world — like car keys.
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Report: LTE Drives Up Cellular Data Consumption

Report LTE Drives Up Cellular Data ConsumptionOn Tuesday, Mobidia Technology Inc., along withe the folks at Ovum, published new research and the latest update to its white paper series, the latest of which offers insights into 2014 LTE and Wi-Fi usage trends from an extended analysis of the top LTE markets worldwide.

In just six years since its release, LTE has become one of the fastest-growing mobile technologies in history, with a total of half a billion global subscribers expected this year, Mobidia reports.

The firm’s latest analysis of LTE subscribers reveals a “continued positive impact for the hundreds of mobile operators that have invested in LTE technology, and subscribers clearly value these faster speeds.”
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Mobile Apps: Home is Where the Hazards Are

Mobile Apps Home is Where the Hazards AreThe No. 1 source for malicious and highly risky mobile applications that target iOS and Android devices is the U.S.

That’s the latest — and infinitely unsettling news — from Marble Security, Inc.

On the list of nation’s with the most malicious apps, the U.S. handily leads the world, followed by China, India, Korea and Taiwan.
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Opera Mediaworks Report: Apple Has Highest Core of Ad Revenue, But Android’s Growing Traffic Has A-Peel

Opera Mediaworks Report Apple Has Highest Core of Ad Revenue, But Android's Growing Traffic Has A-PeelWhile Android captured a majority (63 percent) of mobile ad traffic in Q4 of 2014, Apple held onto its lead in revenue generation.

That’s the bottom line, according to a new “State of Mobile Advertising” report from Opera Mediaworks.

“Apple’s favorable position in Western markets, such as the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, helped it retain the lead,” noted the report summary. “The report, which lays out quarterly trends and insights from the company’s mobile ad platform, notes that, in these markets, high-value rich-media and video-advertising campaigns are more common. Since iOS dominates in these markets, monetization levels are highest, with over 51 percent of revenue.”

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Apple’s HealthKit Finds a Home in More U.S. Hospitals

Apple's HealthKit Finds a Home in More U.S. HospitalsA new report from Reuters indicates that Apple’s HealthKit platform is now being actively tested in more than half of all leading U.S. hospitals.

“Fourteen of 23 top hospitals contacted by Reuters said they have rolled out a pilot program of Apple’s HealthKit service – which acts as a repository for patient-generated health information like blood pressure, weight or heart rate – or are in talks to do so,” the report reads.

Since its market introduction along with iOS 8 last fall, HealthKit has captured the imagination and firm attention of some of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations.
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Why Did the iPad Program Fail Students in Los Angeles?

Why Did the iPad Program Fail Students in Los AngelesDoomed from the get-go. That’s the rudimentary finding from a new Federal report (by the U.S. Education Department) exploring exactly what went wrong (and everything went wrong for that matter) with the infamously botched “1.3-billion iPads-for-all program” in Los Angeles schools.

The L.A. Times is out with a new report highlighting what Federal investigators have uncovered. All signs point to the program having launched without adequate planning or resources. There was no real understanding, the research shows, with regard to how the devices would really be put to good use for students in the classroom. The program almost seemed to prioritize getting the iPads to students rather than fashioning a plan to make the devices integral to their education.

Per the findings of the U.S. Education Department, the L.A. Times explains that the iPad distribution program at 47 schools in 2013 was plagued out of the gates. “Teachers were ill-trained, schools had spotty Internet connections and students quickly bypassed security filters,” today’s report notes.
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