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What’s at the Core of Apple’s March 9th Media Event?

What's at the Core of Apple's March 9th Media EventIf you’re expecting a new iPhone or iPad you may be sorely disappointed. Based on sources close to Apple, next week’s media event is primarily going to serve as a launch pad for Apple Watch.

Apple’s eagerly awaited wearable is due to ship next month but preorders could possibly begin as early as next week.

Chances are, we’ll find out during the Monday, March 9th event. For now, Apple is divulging much. The company’s press invite merely says it’s time to “Spring Forward.”
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Apple Reportedly Delays February 24th Media Event

Apple Reportedly Delays February 24th Media EventIn recent weeks, speculation has been hot and heavy that Apple would hold a late February media event to both roll out new products and give the world one final demo of Apple Watch before the eagerly anticipated wearable ships in April.

But with less than a week to go before the rumored February 24th media event, Apple is yet to distribute invites to the press — something Apple always does at least one week in advance of a public product showcase.

So what’s behind the delay? Sources close to Apple cite a myriad of factors.

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Opera Mediaworks Report: Apple Has Highest Core of Ad Revenue, But Android’s Growing Traffic Has A-Peel

Opera Mediaworks Report Apple Has Highest Core of Ad Revenue, But Android's Growing Traffic Has A-PeelWhile Android captured a majority (63 percent) of mobile ad traffic in Q4 of 2014, Apple held onto its lead in revenue generation.

That’s the bottom line, according to a new “State of Mobile Advertising” report from Opera Mediaworks.

“Apple’s favorable position in Western markets, such as the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, helped it retain the lead,” noted the report summary. “The report, which lays out quarterly trends and insights from the company’s mobile ad platform, notes that, in these markets, high-value rich-media and video-advertising campaigns are more common. Since iOS dominates in these markets, monetization levels are highest, with over 51 percent of revenue.”

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Why Did the iPad Program Fail Students in Los Angeles?

Why Did the iPad Program Fail Students in Los AngelesDoomed from the get-go. That’s the rudimentary finding from a new Federal report (by the U.S. Education Department) exploring exactly what went wrong (and everything went wrong for that matter) with the infamously botched “1.3-billion iPads-for-all program” in Los Angeles schools.

The L.A. Times is out with a new report highlighting what Federal investigators have uncovered. All signs point to the program having launched without adequate planning or resources. There was no real understanding, the research shows, with regard to how the devices would really be put to good use for students in the classroom. The program almost seemed to prioritize getting the iPads to students rather than fashioning a plan to make the devices integral to their education.

Per the findings of the U.S. Education Department, the L.A. Times explains that the iPad distribution program at 47 schools in 2013 was plagued out of the gates. “Teachers were ill-trained, schools had spotty Internet connections and students quickly bypassed security filters,” today’s report notes.
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iPads Coming to the Classroom in Pennsylvania

iPads Coming to the Classroom in PennsylvaniaThis week, Pennsylvania’s Steel Valley school board moved to accept a $291,791 donation from Apple to proceed with a new district-wide technology plan.

The plan in question calls for equipping every student in the district with an iPad.

Superintendent Ed Wehrer said the donation, and a separate $69,921 gift from philanthropist William Campbell through his new Campbell Educational and Community Foundation, will be used to train teachers in how to use iPads in the classroom, and to buy the devices for every student.

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iPad Still Owns North American Tablet Traffic

iPad Still Owns North American Tablet TrafficChitika is out with a new update on tablet traffic across North America.

According to the data in question, only one conclusion can be reached: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Once again, despite a flood of new competition in the tablet market, Apple still dominates tablet traffic across the continent.
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Shares of Apple Reach New All Time Highs

Shares of Apple Reach New All Time HighsFollowing a protracted period of turmoil on Wall Street for Apple that has loomed large over CEO Tim Cook’s tenure at the helm and in the shadow of Steve Jobs, Apple has finally retraced its losses to touch new all-time highs on Wall Street this week.

After a record close on Tuesday, shares of AAPL drifted higher again Wednesday, seemingly bolstered by the unrelenting momentum of last week’s powerful and inspiring earnings report.

Although it remains to be seen if AAPL will move any higher than $107 this week, a growing number of industry analysts and market watchers now believe the next stop for AAPL is $120.

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