Don’t Let Your Next Selfie Sabotage Your Marketing Poise

Don't Let Your Next Selfie Sabotage Your Marketing PoiseWe’ve all seen them. We’ve all laughed at some, mocked most, and seen enough to last a lifetime.

But the “selfie” phenomenon on social media isn’t going away any time soon. And it’s even a practice that many small business owners are now embracing to help “fit in” on social media.

But is that really a good idea if they want their marketing and brand image to be taken seriously? Well… it depends.

While some marketers look down their noses at the format, most laud it for its raw intensity and candor. It builds an instant relationship with the viewer. How so? Because it’s honest and because – generally speaking – it works as a tool for engagement.

But be warned, say the digital marketing experts at Fusion360. “To selfie or not to selfie? THAT is the question,” the marketing experts caution in a new post this week, serving up examples of “12 selfies you can’t take back.”

Check out Fusion 360’s latest innovative and eye-opening infographic shared below. It just might help you avoid a selfie-catastrophe.


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So what's left to selfie? (Please no more Duck Lips)

#1.  Remember the dead not you.  But don't take a selfie with the dead that would be gauche!

#2. Your boss should get a life and realize you have one as well.  No one should be fired for their personal free time doings.  The only time this rule changes is when you disrespect the company you work for or they're products.

#3 Every one over the age of 2 knows what happens in a bathroom, agreed no need for a selfie here unless you're doing something in a bathroom stall that you would not usually do in a bathroom stall.  See example 10.

#4. If you're that dumb you deserve what you get.  

#5. See #4, remember though this seflie may cost others their lives. Selfie responsibly please!

#6. Please keep taking these!  The Self absorbed selfies is what makes the selfie work.  It's also what keeps some comedians employed.

#7. See #6

#8.  Not participating in the textile Industries' top secret and subliminal messaging Selfie Project (Code Named "Paris" ) would seriously impact the worlds economy.  PLEASE CONTINUE! 

#9. Go see our client before hand. @woweyebrows

#10. Just because you're a Mom doesn't mean your dead.  Once again there's a whole economy built around this and would seriously affect many of us.  see 8 and I am sure you all know what I'm talking about.

#11. It maybe dumb but very Escher, I think we should push the mirror behind the mirror selfie and selfie into infinity!

#12.  Hey the only part of our economy which has saved their money and has the ability to be fluid are the Boomers! Taking them out of the equation or making them feel bad about this would be stupid and would affect our economy.  To all you boomers out there selfie till your hearts content! 

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