Reveals Today’s Top Online Jobs

The digital age and its associated mobile technologies have turned freelance employment opportunities all over the world into full-blown, lucrative careers.

As a result, the people at have researched the matter and uncovered the fastest growing Internet jobs between July and September 2012.

Among the highlights of the new report:

  • Android saw a massive 16% growth in jobs, bolstered by the success of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean release.
  • The interactive web continued to soar, with HTML5, jQuery, and PHP jobs all seeing double-digit growth as businesses looked to boost their mobile offerings.
  • eBay jobs made an explosive comeback, growing 41%, as the ecommerce giant unveiled new designs and features to strengthen its position in the social and mobile era.
  • Facebook jobs saw an 11% growth, a welcome recovery as marketers gradually returned following a traumatic 14% drop in Q2 amidst the company’s disastrous IPO. Social Networking jobs as a whole grew 15% after stagnating at a 1% growth in Q2.

“After a period of uncertainty,” the company says, “the industry has bounced back, delivering moderate growth for Internet Marketing (up 12% to 15475 jobs), SEO (up 12% to 10509 jobs) and Link Building (up 8% to 7068 jobs).”

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Android is still catching the eyes and no wonder that market going to expand a lot more than our expectation in 2015. Hope to have a good year ahead.




How about the outlook by 2020. What kind of economy we will be in then. Will online economy be comparable to traditional bricks and mortars economy. We believe it will. Online freelancing and more and more mobile freelancing (ref: is growing in such pace that it will define a new society and new economy by 2020.


  1. […] E-commerce is something I talk about in my book, “How to Start an Internet Business: 7 Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profit.” It doesn’t matter whether you are selling a homemade product or resell business products, like Amazon. E-commerce is growing and will continue to do so. And just bcause freelance writers do not make the list, doesn’t mean they can’t profit from some of these top jobs. Take a look at the revised list below and read the entire article from “Mobile Marketing Watch” here. […]