Infographic: Are You on the Road to Modern Marketing?

Infographic Are You on the Road to Modern MarketingIt doesn’t take much to recognize just how much marketing has changed over the course of the last century.

From peddling on a street corner to a small audience, to blasting out social media messages to thousands of potential buyers across the world, marketing has matured greatly across the decades.

Of course, just because marketing is evolving doesn’t mean that every marketer is evolving at the same pace.

So where exactly are you on the road to modern marketing? Check out the following infographic to find out.

infoSources: Jess3, Eloqua

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First - would have been nice if the infographic was clickable. No one can read it as it is, it's too small.

Second - I'm quite surprised you're posting as "new", something that was posted back in 2012!! In order to read it, I had to go to Jess3... it wasn't on their main page. Clicked to see all - and it was in the 2012 stats! That means - while yes, the 'modern marketing' concept is correct, NONE of the stats are accurate as they're *old*. (The net moves so fast, if you don't have stats from the last 6 months max, it's irrelevant now).