Infographic: What’s Driving Mobile Marketing in 2014?

Infographic What's Driving Mobile Marketing in 2014Following a year of record growth and laying the groundwork for the even more promising year to come, the  driving factors behind mobile marketing’s continued expansion and adoption in 2014 are quickly coming into focus.

Recently, the team at WebDam compiled a comprehensive list of mobile marketing’s most influential and interesting statistics and trends, all of which paint a telling portrait of what is making this market move early in this new year.

So what’s helping mobile marketing to move mountains these days for the businesses and entrepreneurs who are using this channel effectively and efficiently? Check out the visual below to find out for yourself.


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Hi Michael – I really enjoyed reading your piece about mobile marketing and the corresponding infographics stats. I’m convinced that implementing a true “omni-channel” approach – integrating personalization into Apps, QR codes, SMS, etc. – will be the wave of the future when it comes to connecting with customers individually on their devices. One piece that should be added here is the non-payment side of mobile wallets (and, the new micro-location functionality available through beacons.) There is a huge opportunity to communicate relevant and timely offers/promotions, and build loyalty with consumers. Specifically, recent consumer research into retail experiences shows that 85% of consumers see the value of mobile wallet; with 59% claiming they’d have a more positive view of retailers if they started to deliver digitized mobile wallet content, and 44% feeling a non-payment mobile wallet tool would enhance their shopping experience. Mark Tack, VP of Marketing, Vibes, Chicago (