Merging ‘Big Data’ with Marketing Solutions for Small Business

Merging ‘Big Data’ with Marketing Solutions for Small BusinessIt’s been exactly 2 years since ThriveHive successfully closed a seed round of $1.5 million and now, two years later, the company claims that their “everything in a box solution” to small business marketing needs is ready to be rolled out.

Not only that but that it’s connected, integrated and powered by big data that’s been collected from hundreds of similar small businesses (See the full story and details here).

The CEO of ThriveHive, Max Faingezicht, believes that his company’s guided marketing system is “a way for small business to get going with a website, contact manager or CRM, email marketing solution, social media manager … all empowered through a guidance layer showing you what you should be doing with all these tools.”

Those tools include social media, a mini CRM, and tracking of digital advertising campaigns. In other words, all of the pieces that a local business needs, tons of functionality and integration that Faingezicht believes will make everything much easier because of the platform where it’s being done, and the analytics that come with it.

“We can automatically see what’s generating leads,” said Faingezicht, adding that “Because you have all the system under one single login, you can do things that are almost impossible for small business otherwise.”

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I see this as a very positive news as more often than not, those that are quite resistant to big data and technologies are small-based businesses, which is actually understandable as cost usually gets in the way.  On the other hand, tools such as Hadoop has made big data a lot easier to do, and contrary to popular belief, Oracle and other brands for relational data don’t have to be at odds with Hadoop at all. In fact, I believe that Oracle has comprehensive but flexible enterprise plans that can already support small-based businesses as early as now.