Mobile Marketing Continues to Empower Small Businesses

Mobile Marketing Continues to Empower Small Businesses Mobile Marketing Continues to Empower Small BusinessesAccording to a new report from Double Linx, nothing can help a small business grow faster than embracing mobile marketing, particularly through today’s leading social media channels.

Unless one taps into a mobile marketing potential, there is an entire pool of Facebook fans that are being missed.

Today’s report points to a new study from Group that shows 80% small businesses who decide to embrace mobile marketing have seen increases in new business. Similar data from IDC indicates that Facebook continues to rank as one of the top-three things people utilize a smartphone for.

More than 70% of all people who were surveyed by IDC utilize Facebook today, with most accessing the platform numerous times daily.

“The results have surprised some given the sheer volume of use the networking site has, and indicates that the group of Facebook users provides a huge growth opportunity for a wide array of businesses who have the savvy to utilize the survive properly,” Double Linx reports. “Just how to take advantage of the service beyond the basics, and how to excel beyond what will surely be a growing demographic of businesses will be key for the success of respective businesses. Still, the numbers show that, with 8-of-10 small businesses finding growth with the online social network, there is little doubt it will be attempted by many.”

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