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How BlackBerry Missed The Boat on Justin Bieber

How BlackBerry Missed The Boat on Justin BieberThis is the first time – and hopefully the last time – MMW has mentioned Justin Bieber. But invoking the pop star’s name is not without mobile merit today. Just ask the folks at BlackBerry.

This week, an in-depth look at the rise and fall of BlackBerry (a must-read piece from BusinessWeek) exposes how the iPhone, and not BlackBerry, ultimately won the heart of Justin Bieber.

Several years ago, we’re told, Justin Bieber wanted to be BlackBerry’s official “brand ambassador.” That’s the new admission from Vincent Washington, a senior business development manager at BlackBerry (from 2001 through 2011).
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This Week’s Hot Mobile Reads: Five New Must Read eBooks

This Week's Hot Mobile Reads Five New Must Read eBooksAs electronic publishing quickly displaces the traditional publishing world, a bountiful inventory of amazingly good ebooks emerges every week.

So how can you separate the winners from the losers?

Based on buzz, reviews, and sales, here are some of the hottest new ebooks burning up the digital landscape today.

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eBook Brings Controversy to Justin Bieber

eBook Brings Controversy to Justin BieberDid Justin Bieber‘s mom write a new book about her famous son’s troubles under a pen name and then publish it as an eBook exclusive for the world to read?

That was the hottest news sweeping the celebrity blogosphere over the weekend.

On Friday, the bestselling publisher behind hugely popular and controversial biographies of everyone from Madonna to Whitney Houston published “Justin Bieber: Off The Deep End.”

Billed as a disturbing and completely unauthorized new ebook, the work explores Justin Bieber’s dangerous transition from a fresh-faced teen with a spotless image to a seemingly reckless bad boy on a dangerous professional and personal downward spiral.

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What is SMS?

SMS, which stands for “short message service,” is one of the hottest and seemingly freshest ways for the mobile masses to communicate. But, in reality, this extraordinarily popular means of communication commonly referred to as “texting” has actually been around for more than two decades.

That’s right. SMS is older than Justin Bieber. But SMS manages to get  better with age. And so, in recent years, it has also become an indispensable resource within the mobile marketing ecosystem (to learn more about SMS marketing, click here).

SMS is, unquestionably, permeating all aspects of mobile communication today. It even surpasses both face-to-face conversation and email in popularity around the world. It’s a ubiquitous technology that’s available on almost any mobile phone on the planet.

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MoZeus Pushes Celebrity Mobile App Division

Ahead of the weekend, MoZeus Worldwide announced the launch of a SMART Activator “Celebrity App” division.

The mobile-marketing and content management software company says the goal of the division is to benefit charities.

The consumer photo mobile app will leverage celebrities to raise money for charity by providing fans the ability to download the app on their mobile devices and “take” a photo with various celebrities.

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Madonna No Longer ‘Too Good’ for Social Media?

Iconic pop superstar Madonna has been criticized by some for appearing to be “above” using social media to connect with fans. That all changes tonight on Twitter – but just for tonight… as in Monday night only… for maybe an hour or two.

I guess Madonna fans will take what they can get, right?

So what brings the Material Girl to Twitter for the first time ever? The release of her new album MDNA, naturally. To help promote the release, Madonna will field questions from her fans tonight on Twitter beginning at 10:00 p.m. EST/7:00 p.m. PST.

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Mobile Device Makers, Pioneers Are The New ‘Stars’ of Super Bowl Sunday

Forget traditional celebrity endorsements and cameo appearances, some of this year’s biggest Super Bowl commercials will feature celebrities of a different variety – those who have revolutionized mobile technologies.

Leading the charge in this new direction is Best Buy. According to published reports from Bloomberg today, Best Buy’s Super Bowl commercial will feature mobile pioneers, not run-of-the-mill celebrities.

This is quite a divergence from previous years at Best Buy when the company has turned to the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber for ads on the big game day.

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