What Are Americans Trying to Hide on Their Smartphones?

What Are Americans Trying to Hide... on Their Smartphones 300x200 What Are Americans Trying to Hide on Their Smartphones?Americans have something to hide. What is it, exactly? Recently, KS Mobile – the maker of a free cache cleaning Android application called Clean Master – explored this very mystery. And what they discovered is most interesting.

The findings of their smartphone privacy survey show that more than half of Americans (52%) would be embarrassed about friends or family seeing certain files or documents on their smartphone.

Now, before your mind goes to the gutter, consider this. The number one file American’s don’t want others to see on their smartphone has nothing to do with adult content or personal images, but bank account information. All told, 25% of Americans don’t want that information seen by others on their smartphone.

Emails or texts written on a smartphone (24%) came in as a close second, followed by emails or texts received (23%), websites visited (15%), and adult material (10%).

Only 8% of Americans said they would be embarrassed about friends or family seeing “naked selfies” on their smartphone.

When asked who Americans most want to prevent from accessing files on their smartphone, friends rank no. 1 (22%), followed closely by children (21%) and co-workers (21%).

Other choices include boss (18%), parents (12%), and spouse or significant other (12%), strangers (7%) and hackers/criminals (5%).
Most Americans (81%) feel the need to keep files on their smartphone private.

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