What Marketers Must Know About The Psychology Behind Social Sharing

What Marketers Must Know About The Psychology Behind Social SharingJim Dougherty of Leaders West recently explored the psychology behind social sharing, a phenomenon that many digital marketers struggle to understand as they strive to generate leads, sales, and brand awareness through the social sharing phenomenon.

To help elucidate that which compels users to share content discovered online and across social media, Dougherty shared a new lighthearted infographic that dives into the mindset of consumers inclined to re-tweet and re-post the material that marketers wish to go viral.

To learn more, check out the visual below.


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I am curious how this number would look broken down between SMB/Entrepreneus and then larger Corporate CEO's?


Nice info graphic, sharing really help a lot.Sharers only share for something that is worthy to be shared. As what you had shown here for “we share for different reasons” it clearly states that content have to be socially valued for it to gain attention and has a high tendency to go viral.